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8/22/21  Website 5 stars

very helpful new Dr. Battey


John Maynard

8/22/21  Website 5 stars

very good people to do business with i could not trust Harley with just anybody thank you


Frank Rano

8/21/21  Website 5 stars

Lyndsey was so helpful & educational. Katie’s customer service was excellent. Dr Erica Long spoke with me for @15 min about cat diet, type of food & caloric counting ...........​​​​​​​

Clarke Alderman

8/20 Website 5 stars

Wonderful experience at BRAC! Have been going there since February and would highly recommend.


Molly Gentilucci

8/18/21  Google & Website 5 stars

Very happy that I discovered this office and came here.


Caitlyn Hayes

8/18/21  Website 5 stars

Dr Dyer is an ace and really helped us understand more about Little Cat and his current health and well being. We thank you guys very much for all your excellent care and guidance! David and Carol


David Lopez

8/18/21  Website 5 stars

Always punctual answering the phones and extremely friendly from the check in to check out process. We love bringing Taz here thank you for everything that you guys do!! We really appreciate all your hard work.


Danielle Dufault

8/18/21  Website 5 stars

I always feel that the staff at Boston Road Animal Clinic have the best interests of my pet as their primary concern. They listen to me and don’t insist on a treatment I may be opposed to.


Susan Davis

8/12/21  Website 5 stars

Both Alysha and Dr Battey were very helpful and made the experience for Zoee very easy and comfortable.


Dave D'Amore

8/12/21  Website 5 stars

 The visit was so easy. Everything was explained clearly Thank you


Jacqulyn Bonin

8/11/21 Website 5 stars

Everyone was very friendly and courteous. The staff was very good with Riley!


Krista Hardy

8/5/21  Website 5 stars

Thank you all the staff for the wonderful care you guys always provide to my furry kids I really y appreciate all the work you guys do!


Edilane Toigo

8/3/21 Website 5 stars

Everyone at this facility is so welcoming and I felt so comfortable having my dog taken care of by them! You can tell they love all animals! Thank you!


Linda Jernberg

8/2/21  Website 5 stars

The vet and vet tech were both caring compassionate and and thorough. Checked my dog Ruby that her dog bite wound was healing well also gave blood test and some meds. Thanks so much to both!


Pedora Zachary

8/1/21  Website 5 stars

As always, caring and thorough attention for our dog. Thanks.


Jennifer Dolbashian

7/31/21  Google & Website  5 stars

This team is thoughtful, gentle with my cats and helpful when answering my questions. Love them!


Kelly Salmon

7/30/21  Website 5 stars

Great service and very caring employees.


Paula Lavin

7/30/21  Website  4.5 stars

Everyone was great


Nancy Martin

7/29/21  Website 5 stars

Absolutely love this place. Staff is great and Dr. DYER is the best! Very happy with here.


Denise Stanard

7/28/21  Website 5 stars

Thank you Dr. Long and Katie for saying nice things about my dog. I always say that if I was a vet, I would so figure out at least one nice thing about a person’s pet.


Sue Druker

7/27/21  Google 5 stars

Staff is so nice, knowledgeable and sympathetic to our dogs needs . I strongly recommend


Nashalee Jennings

7/25/21 Website  5 stars

We are new to the practice, and so far it has been great!!


Leah Camara

7/23/21 Website  5 stars

They do a good job. All staff are caring and competent.


Theodore Beauvais

7/23/21 Facebook  7/27/21   Google  - both 5 stars

Dr Battey & Hayley are a dream team! Had my first visit today and everything was great. The whole appointment was seamless, from check in to check out. The front desk staff was so kind.

My typically nervous cat was very relaxed in the exam room. We felt like family the whole time we were there.

I liked that they requested all clients wear masks in the building because it tells me they care about the safety of the staff, as well as the clientele.

My visit also didn’t cost an arm and a leg; the office visit and advanced blood panel/urinalysis for my geriatric, chronic disease kitty was very affordable. I have paid significantly more money for the same exact tests at another (corporate) hospital.

I am very happy I made the switch to this clinic!



Jamie Ford

7/21/21 Website  5 stars

You guys are the best, and we feel very lucky to have you care for our fur babies!


Debra Judson

7/18/21 Website  5 stars

You guys are the best!!


Amy Parsekian

7/15/21 Website  5 stars

Very thorough and informative


Keith Brigham

7/15/21 Website  5 stars

Everyone is always so courteous and professional, and truly cares about our cat. She's very comfortable with all of you, and I think that speaks volumes!


Jim Hull

7/14/21 Website 5 stars

Brought my 2 new kittens for their first exam & was impressed with the care they received. Boston Road will be their vet growing up!


Alan Peterson

7/14/21 Website 5 stars

At 74 and on behalf of Calvin, Bohdi ,Cally and Winnie I can honestly say this crew at BOSTON ROAD ANIMAL CLINIC is second to none. Civility ,empathy and kindness are the operating fuels of this organization.


Howard Hight

7/12/21 Google & Website 5 stars
The staff at Boston Road Animal Clinic are always very helpful, kind, and attentive to any concerns or needs we have had for our dog. We appreciate all you have done throughout the pandemic and thank you for being front line workers!​​​​​​​

Tracey Loconto

7/6/21 Google 5 stars​​​​​​​

Deborah Smith

7/3/21 Website 5 stars

Your staff is warm and caring and the communication from the techs and vets is excellent, I feel very confident bringing my dog to you for all of her health needs.


Denise Michaud

7/2/21 Website 5 stars

I’ve been taking my pets to see Dr Dyer for over 14 years now and have never had a bad experience with her or her staff. Would highly recommend Boston Road Animal Clinic to anyone.


Joe Reynolds

7/1/21 Website 5 stars

Great staff. Friendly, caring and professional.


Amanda Stearns

7/1/21 Website 5 stars 

Dr Dyer & Keri are so awesome. Keri has such a way with animals. We love them both.


Chris Brock

6/30/21 Website 5 stars

Appointment was not rushed and felt Lucas got a very thorough exam!


Kathy Koprusak

6/30/21 Website 5 stars 

I have been going to this practice with my cats for about 15 years. I have always had very positive visits and everyone has been very professional. I would highly recommend this practice!


Mary Turco

6/30/31 Google & Website 5 stars 

Nice people. Take care of my dogs


Victor Scafuro

6/30/21 Website 5 stars

Great experience, treatment options were explained in laymen’s terms which was helpful. Easy check in and checkout process.


Linda Brouillaid

6/26/21 Google 5 stars

Boston Road has exceeded my expectations. After coming from a private practice with one doctor. I was hesitant and disappointed to find no other options with one doctor. However after doing a search I narrowed Boston Road to be the closest option available so I picked you guys by default. To my delightful surprise every individual has always been a superstar. They sent me the kindest card when my cat passed away & everyone signed it and it's forever going to be one of the kindest responses anyone gave me when he did. Sincerely would like to thank Dr. Bemis for all of her attention. She was extremely informative, highly attentive, and entirely compassionate. Especially in light of her leaving and wish her the best. I've asked for Dr. Long to replace and having met her already I can certainly say she's just as good. and they're from the same class. So bravo!


Jason Huchowski

6/24/21  Website  5 stars   "Thank you for the time you spent with me, making sure I understood the diagnoses and next steps. Also, I appreciated your quick follow up and the ability to get a timely appointment."


Lynn Whalen

6/24/21 Google & Website 5 stars  "Pleasure meeting Dr Dyer and staff...looking forward to a long-lasting professional connection with Boston Road Animal Clinic and continued good health for our Pet. Thank you"


Joel Picchi

6/24/21 Google & Website (combined)  5 stars "It was our 3rd visit and 1st face to face. We were very pleased with how my animals were treated and how quick the follow up was. Everyone was very nice and extremely helpful. I work part time at a veterinarian's office and I thought you all were wonderful! Thanks for your wonderful care of my animals!"


Cheryl Swift

6/24/21 Website 5 stars  "Staff & Vet very personable & friendly every time I bring my loved pet to the annual checkup. When I texted question online, they got back to me right away. I highly recommend BRAC!"


Irene Frisch

6/20/21 Website 5 stars  "Thanks to Dr Bemis for her compassion and understanding"


Diane LaFontaine

6/19/21 Website 5 stars "Love your practice!"


Liz Borg

6/18/21 Website 5 stars "Very nice place. Well organized."


Ewa Ucher

6/18/21 Website 5 stars "Dr. Bemis was very helpful and understanding with our dog. She took the time to explain in detail the issues that are going on with him due to aging, and her love for animals is evident in her manner of treatment. I would go back to her any time without hesitation"


Steve Kelly

6/17/21 Google 5 stars  "The staff at Boston Road Animal Clinic are the most caring and compassionate vet staff that I have worked with! They are attentive and understanding, taking time to answer your questions during your visit. Highly recommend!!"


Noelle Snyder

6/16/21  Website 5 stars  "Your team gives compassionate, quality care to both pets and their owners. My dogs have been patients for over 10 years "


Shannon Yasko

6/11/21  Website & Google  (5 stars)  "My senior dog visited your clinic for the first time after moving to the area and everyone treated her so well. The vet was so caring and I would trust her in your hands anytime! Thank you so much for caring about my little furbaby!"​​​​​​​

Krystie Jezierski

6/11/21  Facebook 5 stars "This clinic is exceptional. Caring, professional, warm. Fit us in when we had never been seen there before when other clinics could/would not. The service was top notch. My 16 year old cat was clearly at end of life. The vet did not push for expensive diagnostics, yet was clear she could do them if I wished. Ultimately, I opted to end my cat’s suffering, and they made that process as smooth, humane, and compassionate as one could ask for. I have another cat, and this is where we will go when she needs care, and I would enthusiastically and highly recommend this clinic to anyone."


Donna Young

6/10/21  Website  (5 stars)  "I love the care and compassion that each and every staff member gives to my dogs, Oliver and Ivy. When I come in for a visit, I never feel rushed and always feel that my concerns are always listened to and addressed. Thank you very much for loving my dogs almost as much as I do!!!"​​​​​​​

Nancy Sarkisian

6/8/21  Website  (5 stars)  "Excellent first appointment all people were pleasant and knowledgeable"​​​​​​​

Anne Russell

6/6/21 Website (5 stars)  "I think Dr. Dyer is an excellent vet and always invested in taking good care of your pet."​​​​​​​

Ginger Howe

6/2/21 Website  (5 stars)  "I love Boston Road Animal Clinic. The staff is wonderful with my pups. I highly recommend this place."​​​​​​​

Susan Ferrechia

5/27/21 Website (5 stars) "Dr. Long had been absolutely amazing with my cat Dyna. The staff is extremely friendly and compassionate which makes me feel so comfortable and confident in the care my cat receives."​​​​​​​

Katlynne Sliwoski

5/27/21 Website (5 stars) "I checked out your website before and was very impressed. I love the fact that you do surgery and you have a lot of staff. Plus you are open 6 days a week. Everyone was so friendly and kind. I feel very comfortable taking my baby there."​​​​​​​

Barbara Krajcik

5/24/21 Website (5 stars) "Wonderful staff! Our first visit here, and we are very satisfied with your care of our 10 yr old Labradoodle "Ivy ". She is the love of our life and we got her at 12 weeks old. Bringing her 4 yr old sister, RosieMae, in next week. The Fritz girls are happy with their new vet!"​​​​​​​

Carol Fritz

5/23/21 Website (5 stars) "The staff at Boston Road Animal Clinic are not only thorough but also thoughtful. They took great care of my little girl when we had to have her euthanized and even sent a condolence card that all of them signed. I will continue to bring my pets there. Thank you to everyone for the care and sympathy."​​​​​​​

Nikki Thomas

5/21/21 Website (5 stars) "Great service - for both putting my 21-year-old cat to rest and for educating me about my new kitten. Will never go anywhere else.Tracey Mosher, Tiger, and Edith."​​​​​​​

Tracey Mosher

5/21/21 Website (4.5 stars) "We get good care for our dog Zoe at Boston Road Animal Clinic. Like all Vets treating pets it seem they are all so busy during these times under the Covid conditions. We are very pleased with the care, and Dr.Bemis was terrific!"​​​​​​​

Jacqueline Vigeant

5/19/21 Google (5 stars) "It can be stressful getting a new pup but the whole staff helped make it a little easier! Everyone was very insightful and helpful. They care about your pet."​​​​​​​

Adriana Bernal

5/17/21 Google (5 stars) "This was my first visit. I was very impressed with the information given by Dr. Dyer and the time she took speaking with me. She called the next day with the results of the tests given, clear instructions of our course of action. I would have no problem bringing my girl back if needed."​​​​​​​

Linda Whelan

5/15/21 Website (5 stars) "We are always grateful that the vet is always responsive to our questions and concerns with our animals. And they always seem to care very much about them, just like we do. I really just can't wait until we can go in with our pets again. I’ve noticed they don't like us waiting in the car."​​​​​​​

Tim McHale

5/12/21 Website (5 stars) “Everyone was Great, outstanding customer service!”​​​​​​​

Gail DeJong

5/8/21 Website (5 stars) “We've been going here since we moved to the area and will never go anywhere else. The vets and techs are extremely compassionate and knowledgeable. They truly care about your pets and it shows. I cannot recommend Boston Road Animal Clinic enough.”​​​​​​​

Andrew Wagner

5/8/21 Website (5 stars) “Awesome vets and vet techs! Highly recommend Boston Road Animal Clinic!"​​​​​​​

Estelle Ford

5/8/21 Website  (5 stars)  “Dr. Bemis was so helpful to us in answering our many questions about our new puppy.”​​​​​​​

Brigid Stadinski

5/7/21 Website  (5 stars)  “Luv the vets that we have seen.”​​​​​​​

Kathy Sullivan

5/7/21 Website  (5 stars)   “Great animal clinic.They truly care about our furry family!”​​​​​​​

Carly Mitti

5/6/21 Website  (5 stars  )“ Highly recommend Boston Road Animal Clinic.We have 2 cats and 2 dogs.They are always there for us whenever we need them in addition to being on top of their regular checkups and labwork.Very caring and personable.”​​​​​​​

Tim Saad

5/3/21 Website  (5 stars)   “Great vet clinic, super nice staff, and extremely helpful.”​​​​​​​

Ann Marie Carrigan

5/1/21 Website  (5 stars)   “You are always nice, take really good care of my chihuahua, and even know she's nervous with the nurses/front end she loves her doctor <3 Thank you”​​​​​​​

Kayla Summers

5/1/21 Website (5 stars) “Always so nice and caring when I call for my cats. We wouldn’t go anywhere else.”​​​​​​​

Patti Kania

4/29/21 Website (5 stars) “The techs were very kind. And the doctor was also very kind and took the time to listen to our questions and concerns. We would recommend your clinic to anyone. Thank you,”​​​​​​​

AnnMarie and James G

4/24/21 Google (5 stars) “This was our 1st visit to the clinic and although due to Covid we couldn’t go in with Brooklyn everyone made us feel welcome and secure that she was getting quality care. Thank you”​​​​​​​

Sandy Larivee

4/22/21 Website (5 stars) “Great care from excellent staff!!!”​​​​​​​

Claudia Linsley

4/15/21 Website (5 stars) “You guys are always there for us. ”​​​​​​​

Lesa Bickford

4/13/21 Google & Website (5 stars) “Everyone is always very kind and caring. My dog gets nervous normally for shots and since I couldn't go in with her.I wasn 't sure what to do but the staff asked and listened about what I normally do. When it was all done my dog was happy and full of energy, still loving the staff that was carrying her. Everyone is also very patient when I have question to ask or mess up on something - they are always going the mile to assist me and others customers”​​​​​​​

Cody Hetu

4/15/21 Website (5 stars) “Always gets us in to see the Dr. in a very timely manner never have to wait long to book an appointment which I like. Most places are booking out month in advance.”​​​​​​​

Amanda Henry

4/15/21 Website (5 stars) “All the techs and Doctors I have talked to have been incredibly friendly and amazing!”​​​​​​​

Seina Herron

4/13/21 Website (5 stars) “Very coordinated. Good job and thank you”​​​​​​​

Joyce Levitre

4/10/21 Website (5 stars) “I have told multiple people about the positive experience that I have had. This is the best veterinary practice that I have ever been involved with. The doctors have always been very knowledgeable and caring. I have always been greeted by staff and vets with smiles. We have had 2 dogs euthanized. Although very sad, it was a positive experience because the staff is so caring. I have a special place in my heart for Dr. Dyer. She is the best!”​​​​​​​

Jan Anderson

4/9/21 Website (5 stars) “Very nice staff, listened to my concerns for Rocky. Got me in for an appointment when many other vets would not. Thanks for taking care of Rocky.”​​​​​​​

Ray Colonero

4/8/21 Website (5 stars) “I don' t think my wife or I have ever had even the slightest disappointment with Boston Road Animal Clinic.Strange thing is, due to the pandemic, we 've never met any of the doctors. We' ve talked over the phone, and we 've met the techs in the parking lot, but even with this limited face-to-face experience, we are very happy with BRAC”​​​​​​​

Cornel Osadsa

4/8/21 Website (5 stars) “Great groups of Vets. Refer them as often as possible in Facebook groups, etc”​​​​​​​

Raffaella DeGruttola

4/6/21 Website (4.5 stars) “We had our first visit with Dr. Long yesterday who explained everything I would need to know about vaccinations and preventative medications for my puppy. She made sure I didn't have any questions or concerns about my puppy and although the Covid restrictions were in place the appointment went very smoothly!”​​​​​​​

Alyssa Fehser

4 /4/21 Google  (5 stars)   “Super nice staff, explained everything very well. Totally recommend!”​​​​​​​

Isabella Strzelecki

4/3/21 Website  (5 stars)   “Dr. Bemis was extremely thorough explaining all about my new puppy’s exam! She was so kind and took the time to listen to my concerns and answered all my questions! I can’t wait to meet her in person!!!”​​​​​​​


3/31/21 Website  (5 stars)  “Really love Dr.Bemis. She is very caring and understanding!”​​​​​​​

Amy LeClaire

3/26/21 Website  (5 stars)   “The entire staff is always compassionate, very knowledgeable, and very giving of their time. I can't tell you how much that is appreciated! Thank you!!”​​​​​​​

Mike Jury

3/26/21 Website  (5 stars) “I really appreciate the excellent care you provide to my Ciara as she is a difficult high strung cat. The staff is friendly and courteous. Thank you!”​​​​​​​

Julia Corbin

3/25/21 Website (5 stars) “I love the staff. They are always so great with my pups. Not many pups look forward to a vet visit. Skit however does.”​​​​​​​

Angela Mueller

3/24/21 Website (5 stars) “Always wonderful service by all at BRAC. Yesterday Dr. Bemis fixed up my Daisy girl who was having stomach issues. We’re always so well cared for at BRAC!”​​​​​​​

Michelle LaBonte

3/21/21 Website (5 stars) "The staff truly cares about their fur patients"​​​​​​​

Liz Martinsen

3/21/21 Google (5 stars)​​​​​​​

Maryann Riel

3/20/21 Website (5 stars) "Even though Covid protocols do not allow pet owners to be present during appointments, the vet follow up call was very thorough."​​​​​​​

Donna McKinney

3/19/21 Google (5 stars) "The staff is always accommodating and also super friendly and knowledgeable! They make both my dog and cat so welcome! Dr. Dyer has been our veterinarian for years and we could not say better things about her! "​​​​​​​

Melissa Porter

3/11/21 Google (5 stars) "All staff at Boston Road treat every person and pet with kindness and respect. The front desk is always busy but never rushing, the vet techs are professional and knowledgeable, and the doctors are all warm and informative. We have been through the entire life cycle with this staff more than once and are thankful they are here in Sutton where we live "​​​​​​​

Marie McDonald

3/7/21 Website (5 stars) "Staff is always friendly and knowledgeable. "​​​​​​​

Tanya Lewis

3/7/21 Website (5 stars) "My cat’s visits from start to finish was excellent. Thank you so much for taking great care of my pets ! "​​​​​​​

Karen Weatherbee

3/6/21 Website (5 stars) "Very easy and efficient. Everything went smooth. Very pleasant staff! "​​​​​​​

Donna Wood

3/6/21 Website (5 stars) "It was easy to set up my appointment and they were very kind to my babies!! "​​​​​​​

Tracy Griffin

3/5/21 Website (5 stars) "Both pups love to come and see everyone. We won’t go anywhere else. "​​​​​​​

Michael Lees

3/4/21 Website (5 stars) "Wonderful, caring , knowledgeable staff! "​​​​​​​

Laurie Miller

3/2/21 Website (5 stars) "Awesome group of Technicians, who show nothing but TLC to our wonderful pets. Genuine, caring, dependable staff and I am very pleased with every visit. Thank you! Barry Decina & Cookie too! "​​​​​​​

Barry Decina

2/25/21 Website (5 stars) "Boston Road Animal Clinic is the absolute best. From the technicians to the doctors I felt they were very thorough and informative. Thank you Dr. Long for all of the time you spent with me and for the care you provided to Stella! "​​​​​​​

Bill Dugan

2/19/21 Website (5 stars) "Everyone was super nice, friendly, and helpful. They called every step of the way to inform me of what was happening next and to tell me about the visit. Thank you! "​​​​​​​

David Kolofsky

2/18/21 Website (5 stars) "Dr Dyer was very good with Malibu, we love her. She is always so kind to all the animals "​​​​​​​

Tammie Weaver

2/16/21 Website (5 stars) "We appreciate your quick response and concern over Aggie getting into mouse poison.....we are glad it all turned out ok! "​​​​​​​

Janice Alton

2/16/21 Website (5 stars) "Dr. Long has been very informative, always takes time to answer my questions, and is very caring. We appreciate her knowledge and trust that our dog is under the best care when at Boston Road Animal Clinic. We would like to thank the team for helping our sweet boy get better. "​​​​​​​

Melinda Forget

2/12/21 Website (5 stars) "Thank you so much for your help in understanding our urgency to get our pet seen even though we were new clients. Thank you also for your support, guidance & explanation of the medical situation and treatment options. Dr. Dyer & team at your clinic were tops start to finish, as well as Covid safe at the practice. "​​​​​​​

Rachel Ehrlich

2/10/21 Google (5 stars) "Exceptional care, like none other! Dr. Bemis is amazing and incredibly caring "​​​​​​​

Ashley Breault

2/7/21 Website (4.5 stars) "Very good communications with staff, very helpful and friendly. I feel my pet’s health was their only concern. "​​​​​​​

Susan Davis

2/6/21 Google (5 stars)​​​​​​​

Marielys Arroyo Garay

2/4/21 Website (5 stars) "I appreciated the professionalism of the staff and compassionate care my Piper received. I felt comfortable relinquishing her into their hands. Although this was the first visit l am confident it is just the first of my puppies lifetime of visits and care. "​​​​​​​

Susan Johndro

1/31/21 Website (5 stars) "Always caring and happy to deal with! Easy process to get visits, vaccines and medications! Friendly reminders so I can keep track of vaccines etc "​​​​​​​

Patricia Wolohan

1/30/21 Google (5 stars)​​​​​​​

Kimberly Becker

1/29/21 Website (5 stars) "Love Dr Dyer and the entire staff, they make my puppies feel so comfortable and love to go to the vets! "​​​​​​​

Cindy Sullivan

1/23/21 Website (5 stars) "Glad Kerri is back! "​​​​​​​

Elizabeth Lefthes

1/22/21 Website (5 stars) "Once again great care for my cats "​​​​​​​

Damase Olsson

1/21/21 Website (5 stars) "We always get the best care for our pets at Boston road animal clinic! Almost 6 years & I wouldn’t go anywhere else! "​​​​​​​

Debrea King Robert

1/19/21 Website (5 stars) "Thank you for all your care with Lego! Everyone there is wonderful! "​​​​​​​

Janet Prue

1/19/21 Website (5 stars) "Very pleased with every aspect of the care provided. From the time I drove in until the time we left. Staff was very caring and attentive to the needs of my pet. The doctor was very thorough in explaining her findings and treatment options. I will definitely recommend Boston Road Animal Clinic. You all are great. Thanks so much "​​​​​​​

Darlene Rainey

1/19/21 Website (5 stars) "The staff are wonderful and I always have a great experience! "​​​​​​​

Angela Pimsri

1/18/21 Google (5 stars) "Bibi’s humans really appreciate that you and your staff are so attentive and caring to our Princess. "​​​​​​​


1/18/21 Google (5 stars) "Boston Post Rd Animal Clinic is the BEST. We bring our 2 dogs to see Dr. Bemis and she is amazing. She truly takes her time to examine our girls and gives us the most detailed information and any time we have called to ask her a question she returns our call the same day. Our Shepard mix suffers from anxiety and you would think she would be afraid of going to the vet, but she loves going to see Dr. Bemis and the wonderful vet techs. We are beyond happy that we found Boston Post Rd Animal Clinic! "​​​​​​​

Courtney Trieger

1/17/21 Google (5 stars) "Dr. Dyer has been taking care of my animals since she Graduated from Tuft (20 years Plus), Not only is she a great doctor, she is one of the most compassionate persons I have ever met. She has a knack of pinpointing even the most difficult problems. Very east to talk to, makes a difficult diagnosis easy for the laymen to understand. Accessible to a fault. The Clinic staff mimic Cary, caring and extremely professional. That Scots lad that hides in the shadows runs a very tight and organized ship. I could go on and on about how wonderful the Clinic has been to my two feline girls for 18 years. If you don't have a current vet, give them a call.If you are not satisfied with your current situation, take the leap and give Dr.Dyer and staff a visit.You won 't regret it. "​​​​​​​


1/16/21 Google (5 stars) "We have an elderly dog and the staff have always been exceptional working with him. The COVID protocol in place made me feel very safe. They were even kind enough to carry him to and from the office from my car. "​​​​​​​

Jennifer and David Dolbashian

1/15/19 (Facebook) "This is a place where everyone loves my dogs almost as much as I do. They are caring, competent, and accommodating...the best!"​​​​​​​

Laurie Miller

1/14/21 Website (5 stars) "We knew from day one that Boston Road Animal Clinic was the best choice for us and more importantly for Bruschi, The staff we met when we first arrived was professional and friendly. The vet tech was very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. Dr Bemis was perfect for us because she, unlike our last vet, got down to his level and Bruschi immediately felt comfortable. He loves going there and is sad when it’s just to pick up an Rx and not visit. Dr Bemis went right to work and her suspicions were spot on. Her verbal guesstimate was right on. When we got home Dr Bemis provided us written estimate via email. It was a couple of scenarios and they were spot on. Stephen is another person I deal with on the phone often and a couple of times in the office. He’s great. I can’t remember other staff members’ names but we had excellent experiences with them too. Finally BRAC was way ahead of the curve when the COVID pandemic was in its infancy. I am especially appreciative of this since I have a cardiac history and can’t afford to get the regular flu never mind Corona virus. We are thankful for the awesome care you provide for my best buddy and I wish we had found you sooner. "​​​​​​​

Christopher Errington

1/14/21 Website (5 stars) "Ozzy has had A+ treatment since we have been with BRAC! Thank you!. "​​​​​​​

Melanie Gagnon

1/12/21 Website (5 stars) "We are new to the area and found Boston Road Animal Clinic online. They were fantastic, provided clear instructions on how to drop off our dog in a safe manner and called with detailed information about what was performed. Great job and thank you! "​​​​​​​

Will Meier

1/8/21 Website (5 stars) "Always a pleasant helpful staff "​​​​​​​

Cheryl Loughlin

1/7/21 Website (5 stars) "I am confident that my cat receives excellent, gentle, cost effective care at this clinic. I am very pleased with Dr. Dyer and all her staff "​​​​​​​

Pam Hill

1/7/21 Website (5 stars) "Thank you for being so patient with me. I’m a new pet owner and the vet took the time to answer all my questions "​​​​​​​

Jesica Parton

1/1/21 Website (5 stars) "What an amazing first experience. So glad that we chose Boston Road Vet for our dog Penny as she was very happy and comfortable.. The staff along with Dr. Bemis were fabulous to work with. They took the time to come out and discuss any concerns or questions that we had. We would highly recommend to anyone looking for a wonderful group to work with. We are looking forward to returning in a few weeks for Penny's 2n d series of shots.Thank you.Happy New Year.!"​​​​​​​

Tracy Young

12/30/20 Google (5 stars) "Decided to go with this vet when we got our beautiful Yorkie puppy in August 2020. They were so gentle and caring with my little 2.5 lb pup.They do everything carefully in this hectic time with Covid.They have you call and then they come out with a mask and take the animal in for an appointment, hassle free.I appreciate their cautious protocols.After waiting about 30 minutes my puppy came out happy and calm.They reviewed the appointment with me, went over any needed information.Super friendly staff and true animal lovers.You know your animal will be safe and well taken care of using this professional team.I love this little vet clinic, it is conveniently located right off RT 146 in Sutton.Check it out if you’ re looking for a reliable animal clinic!"​​​​​​​


12/29/20 Website (5 stars) "The best vet around."​​​​​​​

Mindy Woodward

12/17/20 Website (5 stars) "Everyone is so great with the animals."​​​​​​​

Karen McQueen

12/16/20 Website (5 stars) "Wonderful.Friendly, knowledgeable and caring. Would recommend to anyone."​​​​​​​

Hannah Lee

12/15/20 Website (5 stars) "Fantastic in every way!"​​​​​​​

Stanley Edwards

12/7/20 Website (5 stars) "The staff and MD were so great with Bella!I would definitely recommend this clinic "​​​​​​​

Pam Legere

12/6/20 Website (5 stars) "Love Boston Road Animal Clinic."​​​​​​​

George Field

12/6/20 Website (5 stars) "Everyone is so kind and helpful.I always feel like my baby is taken care of here."​​​​​​​

Emily Shipman

12/5/20 Website (5 stars) "Wonderful!!!!"​​​​​​​


12/5/20 Website (5 stars) "I trust Dr.Dyer’ s opinions and respect her.She has treated my dogs humanely and with great care.I am delighted to have brought my dear friends to Boston Road Animal Clinic and Dr. Dyer."​​​​​​​

Ginger Howe

12/5/20 Website (5 stars) "Thanks."​​​​​​​

Andrew Shilnikov

12/1/20 Website (5 stars) "The team and staff are so wonderful.You make me happy to bring my animals to you and feel very appreciated as a client.Thank you!!"​​​​​​​

Lexi Agbey

11/25/20 Website (5 stars) "The staff is really knowledgeable and patient "​​​​​​​

Holly DeCell

11/21/20 Website (5 stars) "You all are the best & always responsive & friendly...keep up the great work!!"​​​​​​​

Kristin Altivilla

11/20/20 Google (5 stars) "I had a medical emergency with my dog Beanie.After her regular vet couldn’ t take her in and calling numerous other vets BRAC took her in right away, they were quick, efficient, concerned, did a great job explaining my options and later the diagnosis and treatment.Today they did a follow up call as well.Even with COVID I felt that the drop off / intake and pick up / discharge procedures were mindful, safe and thorough.I felt Beanie was well cared for even though I couldn’ t be with her.Thank you so much for easing my fear and taking good care of my girl!"​​​​​​​

Lisa Salonich

11/14/20 Website (5 stars) "Boston road staff always takes great care of my baby! They always fit us in when something happens and are always so patient with my anxious dog! We love Dr. Bemis and Dr. Dyer!"​​​​​​​

Rachel Henry

11/11/20 Website (5 stars) "I can’ t thank them enough for seeing my dog so quickly when she was brought in by my wonderful doggie daycare facility in such distress!Everyone was so kind and kept me updated along the way and I knew she was being very well cared for !Thankfully she was fine!I would highly recommend them to care for your pets!!"​​​​​​​

Linda Jernberg

11/7/20 Website (5 stars) "The staff in this place is amazing and super friendly. You can definitely see how much they care about your 4 - legged sons and daughters. I greatly recommend them!"​​​​​​​

Luis Padilla

11/6/20 Google (5 stars)​​​​​​​

May C

11/5/20 Website (5 stars) "Always helpful and caring.absolutely trust and depend on information, care, and advice."​​​​​​​

Tim Saad

10/30/20 Website (5 stars) "Your entire staff is awesome! My furry family members are treated with such kindness and compassion I am truly grateful to Boston Road Animal Hospital! Thank you."​​​​​​​

Estelle Ford

10/27/20 Google (5 stars) "Katey has been so helpful throughout the whole process of getting our cat ready for a long - distance move! She has gone above and beyond and has truly made the entire process so much easier. All of the other staff members and doctors I 've interacted with have been phenomenal as well. Thank you so much!"​​​​​​​

Kim Pacenka

10/27/20 Website (5 stars) "The people who interacted with me were both pleasant and very professional. I am happy that I found such a caring group of people to help me with caring for my little guy Louis. Definitely will be recommending you to friends."​​​​​​​

David Greer

10/27/20 Website (5 stars) "Omg love you guys and soooo happy Kerrie is back!!!!"​​​​​​​

Lynn Cofske

10/26/20 Website (5 stars) "My shih tzu is very anxious going to the doctor, but everyone does their best to put her at ease. As a senior, she is beginning to show signs of aging. We believe that she gets. the best care at Boston Road Animal Clinic. "​​​​​​​

Linda Barsamian

10/24/20 Website (5 stars) "We recently moved here and have a sick dog. No one would accept new patients even though my dog needed help. BRAC did and the staff was so nice and willing to help!! Our last vet seemed too busy for us and it was refreshing they understood he's a family member and not a thing!!Thanks so much to your wonderful staff!"​​​​​​​

Lynn Schleis

10/20/20 Website (5 stars) "You guys are so incredible and I have nothing but good things to say about everyone from the vet, to the techs and receptionist.I appreciate all of your patience, exceptional care, and attention to detail.I could not ask for a more trustworthy and talented animal clinic for my fur baby! "​​​​​​​

Chloe Hippert

10/20/20 Google (5 stars) "Everyone is working together all on the same page.I had a great visit during the pandemic.Thank you!"​​​​​​​

Christina Genatossio

10/18/20 Facebook (5 stars) "Thank you for taking such great care of our animals "​​​​​​​

Beth Noonan Denault

10/13/20 Google (5 stars) "I have nothing but great things to say about this clinic. They 're compassionate and knowledgeable. The treatment they give and the compassion they show when I bring in my dogs is unmatched. Highly, highly recommended to anyone who needs a vet."​​​​​​​

Andrew Wagner

10/13/20 Google (5 stars) "We brought our pup to Boston Road after a less than positive experience at our previous vet. Even during COVID, they were able to get her in quickly to be seen, gave her the treatment she needs, and clearly explain to us the next steps. It was a great experience and we hope to build a long - term relationship with them going forward!"​​​​​​​

Evan Cohen

10/12/20 Facebook (5 stars) "We were referred to BRAC from a close friend. We love the facility, speedy responses & Dr. Long, she is amazing and super great with Ozz! We thank you loads!!!"​​​​​​​

Melanie Gagnon

10/12/20 Facebook (5 stars) "The best!"​​​​​​​

Su Colville Nugent

10/12/20 Facebook (5 stars) "You all are great, always recommend you "​​​​​​​

Erin Henry

10/12/20 Facebook (5 stars) "You’re all so wonderful and kind - thank you for everything that you do! "​​​​​​​

Jenni Ann

10/12/20 Facebook (5 stars) "My fur babies thank you all!!"​​​​​​​

Rachel Mercer

10/12/20 Facebook (5 stars) "Your techs are all just amazing! Tech isn't a big enough word for what you do and you take such great care of my boy! "​​​​​​​

Corrine Devitt

10/12/20 Facebook (5 stars) "Ringo, Loves his peeps at Boston Animal,especially Stephen "​​​​​​​

Dianne Hill

10/12/20 Facebook (5 stars) ".... the staff at Boston Rd have always taken amazing care of my animals and I have always felt like they are truly invested in their well being. I am forever grateful for everything they have done for myself and my animals, past, and present. "​​​​​​​

Beth Erdmann

10/9/20 Google (5 stars) "My first visit here and will not be my last.Everyone was super helpful and friendly."​​​​​​​

Laurie Black

9/30/20 Google (5 stars)​​​​​​​

Nicholas Salem

9/23/20 Google (5 stars)​​​​​​​

Jessica Bruno

9/10/20 Google (5 stars) "This is an amazing practice. I’ m so fortunate my dog is being cared for by the folks at Boston Road."​​​​​​​

Kelly Cronin

8/27/20 Google (5 stars) "The vet, Dr.Dyer, was a very nice person - she helped out my cat to where he was in a comfortable state.He is doing better and I was happy the details were explained very well."​​​​​​​

Brian Burgess

8/18/20 Google (5 stars) "Wonderful experience taking our kitty here. Dr. Long is so compassionate and kind and it is just so obvious how much she cares for her little patients. So happy we found this place for our pets!!"​​​​​​​

Liz Desrosiers

8/16/20 Google (5 stars) "We took our two young puppies to Boston Rd Animal Clinic and this is what we experienced: 1. On - time for the appointment 2. Staff was very friendly 3. They took time to educate us on shots(the different ones and what they are intended to do; the necessary ones; the optional ones; and a schedule of when they are administered to puppies.) 4. They took time to educate us on caring for puppies(behavior, feeding, and training) In summary, our first experience with this clinic and its staff was very positive.Side note: I did have one other experience here several years ago when we took our beloved "Winston" there to be put to rest.I remember being in the room and how compassionate they were then too.Doesn 't seem like much has changed in regard to their staff. "​​​​​​​

Michele Piselli

8/13/20 Google (5 stars) "Brought all 3 of my cats here for their annual and to be microchipped last week. Although we are amidst a pandemic, the vets were very thorough and overall the whole process was a breeze. Thank you guys so much for making sure my babies are healthy! We appreciate you :) "​​​​​​​

Madeleine Dufault

7/18/20 Google (5 stars) "I wouldn 't bring my pet anywhere else. The atmosphere is pleasant, the offices are always clean, and everyone that works there is terrific. I've been bringing my pets here for years and I 've always been treated so well by all the staff. You can tell they treat your pet like their own. Even though I've moved a little further away they 're still worth the drive. "​​​​​​​

Leah L.

7/18/20 Google (5 stars) "The staff at Boston Road Animal Clinic are superb. It is clear that the staff enjoys their jobs and are passionate about animals. They took my pets on short notice and provided excellent care and treatment. Their diagnostic results are quick and accurate. I felt confident that my pets were in the best of hands. Dr. Bemis was able to provide a thorough list of treatment centers where my cat could undergo treatment for hyperthyroidism. Kaylee was very cheerful and helpful, offering expert advice on the continued care for my animals, she even called to follow up on my cat's recovery a week after our last appointment.I would make this my primary veterinary office if I lived in the area."​​​​​​​

Elizabeth Haela

7/7/20 Google (5 stars) "All of the doctors and technicians are excellent! "​​​​​​​

Reka Buzas

7/2/20 Google (5 stars) "Such an amazing caring staff and so informative after bringing my new puppy there. I can’t recommend them enough. If your looking for a vet definitely check them out. "​​​​​​​

Owen Phipps

6/27/20 Google (5 stars)​​​​​​​

Katherine Carman

6/26/20 Facebook (5 stars) "Always great service and my dogs love going there "​​​​​​​

Ryan Maloney

6/22/20 Facebook (5 stars) "Thanks to everyone at BRAC for loving Star as much as I. Your care for pets is outstanding "​​​​​​​

Joe Boucher

6/18/20 Google (5 stars) "Amazing veterinary practice. Kind, Caring, Compassionate, and Skilled. The location is convenient and the staff is friendly and accommodating. Looking for someone to take care of your most valued four-legged family member Boston Road Animal Clinic is it!! "​​​​​​​


6/17/20 Facebook (5 stars) "Everyone was friendly, welcoming, and genuinely focused on doing their best for our cat. They take the time to explain the diagnosis and the options, and they were happy to answer questions. It's easy to tell that they are animal lovers, too. We will definitely be bringing all our pets here!"​​​​​​​

Tim Cranford

5/26/20 Google (5 stars) "We adopted a rescue puppy from Texas that had a paw injury, Boston Road was able to see her right away and gave her the medicine and a wellness check she needed, they explained everything in detail, she is now healing nicely, thanks to the great staff at BRAC."​​​​​​​

Rod MacDonald

5/19/20 Yelp (5 stars) "We just started taking our adopted rescue dog here for check - ups and vaccinations, they are awesome.We were able to email them the vet records we had for our dog prior to our appointments, which made everything easy for us and for them.With everything going on right now and not being able to go in with our dog, they made it very simple and comfortable for us and our pet.Our dog Aspen is a little shy and they were very welcoming to her.As soon as we got the phone call from the vet while Aspen was still inside, she said how good Aspen was and that she loved our dog.The prices are very reasonable as well.I can 't wait until the quarantine is over so we can finally meet the vet and employees in person and not just over the phone, but so far they have taken great care of our new addition to our family and we definitely would recommend them to others. "​​​​​​​

Amber C.

5/7/20 Google (5 stars) "Took Benny in yesterday for a problem that came up on short notice. The staff was friendly, attentive, and efficient as usual Benny is doing much better today. Thanks for your help. "​​​​​​​

Walter Baker

4/14/20 Facebook (5 stars) "Max is resting comfortably after his first dental procedure. Mom was a nervous wreck, but the staff at BRAC were very reassuring and took great care of Max. I was very impressed at the steps they have taken to help ensure their staff stays virus-free so they can be there for our most beloved family members ............. "​​​​​​​

Kym Bolar FB

3/24/20 Facebook (5 stars) "Dr. Bemis and all the staff at Boston Road Animal Clinic are so comforting, understanding, and helpful. We have been working with our dog since September for a yearly visit- he has some anxiety around people and such. We occasionally drop in to the office once a month to get him used to everyone there. And tonight, we were able to have a visit with the help and compassion of all the staff. Can’t thank you all enough!! "​​​​​​​

Miranda Lemoine FB

3/3/20 Google (5 stars)​​​​​​​

Vanessa M

2/17/20 Google (5 stars) "Helpful, patient and understanding when dealing with our dog Tessa's fear and health issues.Not overpriced, always understanding.Best vet I've had in 5 years (4 vets, 2 states). "​​​​​​​

Jamie C

2/1/20 Google (5 stars)​​​​​​​

Vanessa M

1/6/20 Google (5 stars) "By far the best experiences I’ve ever had with vets. Whether it be staying TWO hours late to care for my dog when she was hit by a car or spending an HOUR with me answering any and all questions about my sick cat these veterinarians exceed expectations. In addition to the wonderful doctors the techs are fabulous. I couldn’t ask for better care for my beloved pets! Special thank you to Dr. Bemis, Desiree & Gail. "​​​​​​​

Chloe Hippert

1/4/20 Google (5 stars)​​​​​​​

Olga Brichto

12/3/19 Google (5 stars) "Staff and doctors are very good,respectful ,answer questions,I am always satisfied when I leave there,I live in Thompson,CT and I am not going anywhere else. "​​​​​​​

Mimi George

10/15/19 Google (5 stars) "I have nothing but great things to say about this clinic. They're compassionate and knowledgeable.The treatment they give and compassion they show when I bring in my dogs is unmatched.Highly, highly recommended to anyone who needs a vet."​​​​​​​

Andrew Wagner

10/10/19 Facebook and Google (5 stars) "Boston Animal Hospital’ s staff are some of the most wonderful caring professionals you can meet, even if you are not a regular patient.First went to BRAC with a sick pup when up visiting my parents.The staff could not have been more patient, compassionate, and understanding.Now that I’ ve moved back to the area I wouldn’ t think of taking the dogs anywhere else."​​​​​​​

Andrea Hirst

10/4/19 Google (5 stars) "I have been here with 2 of my 3 cats. The first cat I brought is very scared of other people.The staff here took note and made not only him,but me feel safe bringing him here! My other cat is a complete love bug and he was welcomed with open arms by all the staff, especially Donna!I absolutely love it here and recommend this place to everyone! They make sure to put their clients first!"​​​​​​​

Kendra Dumas

10/3/19 Google (5 stars) "Always had a good experience with this place "​​​​​​​

Erik Johnson

9/30/19 Google (5 stars) "Very passionate about animals."​​​​​​​

Rhonda Weagle

9/16/19 Google (4 stars) "I just recently moved to Sutton and was looking for a new veterinarian.One of my dogs had a bit of a medical emergency, and the clinic was able to schedule an appointment very quickly.I was welcomed into the practice, and our case was efficiently and professionally handled.My dogs were very comfortable, and I am happy to say, my Mini is feeling much better!"​​​​​​​

Nadine Premo

9/10/19 Yelp (5 stars) "So thankful to find Boston Road Animal Clinic! I have four little dogs so I 'm at the vet quite a lot! I used to go to a veterinary practice in Worcester, but the owners sold the practice to a larger vet company and the atmosphere was completely different! I had called a few times for urgent appointments and was told they were booked and had to wait a few days! So I found Boston Road Animal Clinic and with one call they were able to see my dog that afternoon! As soon as we walked in we were greeted and felt welcome! The receptionist was very helpful and the waiting area was as clean as could be! We met with Dr. Bemis who was wonderful and treated Toby with gentle hands for an abscess on his back! We just went for a follow up and Toby knew that he would be fine and just wanted to cuddle. That made me feel confident we chose the right place for my fur babies! "​​​​​​​

Debbie M

8/26/19 Google (4 stars) "Dr Dyer is a good vet. She has a big heart, great with my dog and has confronted his care with several different options if available. Prices are good. I know my dog is in good hands there. "​​​​​​​

Mr BatBat

8/21/19 Google (5 stars)​​​​​​​

Fact Checker

8/16/19 Google (5 stars) "Dr. Dyer and all of the staff here are fantastic. They feel like a second family. Dr. Dyer is so gentle. And having had my baby girl recently diagnosed with diabetes and needing insulin, all of the staff have been very patient with me as I get the hang of things. And my boy well he’s just a puppy and my first at that! Again, very patient and have given me great advice. I’d recommend them for sure!! "​​​​​​​

Tori Lee

8/2/19 (Facebook) "Thank You everyone at the best vet , Boston Road Animal Clinic and staff. "​​​​​​​

Kim Mosher

7/21/19 Google (4 stars) "Very nice group of people. Always kind and considerate of your pets needs. "​​​​​​​

Carla Williams

7/10/19 (Facebook) "Love this vet. Everyone I have met here has been so friendly and welcoming. The Vets and assistants are very knowledgeable. they take there time and my animals love them too. "​​​​​​​

Jessica French

7/7/19 Google (5 stars) "Always smart, friendly, and sensitive to dog and her friends. "​​​​​​​

John Maynard

7/3/19 Google (5 stars) "Dr. Dyer is simply the best - couldn't have asked for a better primary care veterinarian for my pets!Friendly and knowledgeable front desk staff and veterinary nurses.Thank you Boston Road Animal Clinic!!!"​​​​​​​

Kelsey W

6/24/19 (Facebook) "Love the flexible hours the clinic is open.Staff is knowledgeable and helpful.You can tell they love what they do !"​​​​​​​

Joanne Klova

5/24/19 Google (5 stars) "Wonderful place to take your pets because they care and render the best services on a personal level.Great staff!"​​​​​​​


5/19/19 Google (5 stars) "They really care about your pets, friendly staff. We have taken all of our pets there."​​​​​​​

Bob Williams

5/17/19 Google (5 stars)​​​​​​​

Stacie Taft

5/16/19 Google (5 stars) "Love Dr. Dyer and her staff. They always try to accommodate and are great with my labrador and two cats."​​​​​​​

Monica Delaporta

5/3/19 Google (5 stars)​​​​​​​

Tiffany Acropolis

4/27/19 Google (5 Stars)​​​​​​​

Kathy Ozella

4/27/19 (Facebook) "Thank you Boston Road Animal Clinic! You Rock!"​​​​​​​

Tiffany Acropolis

4/26/19 (Facebook) "Wonderful staff! Very caring people!"​​​​​​​

Paul Schaefer

4/26/19 Google (5 Stars)​​​​​​​

Donald Soucy

4/26/19 (Facebook) "Great care... we've been there for over 15 years "​​​​​​​

Linda Plante

4/26/19 (Facebook) "I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you at Boston Road Animal Clinic for your incredible dedication and professionalism during a medical crisis for our Scarlett.While we knew it was "nearly time ",the circumstances became immediate, and when I called your office that late afternoon, I was told to bring her right away.Your entire office staff was needed to help our giant out of the car and into the office, where there was an outpouring of compassion toward my family and our dog.You told us to take the time we needed, even though it was after hours.I know that these moments are trying for veterinarians as well as the families whose pets you serve.I hope you know just how fortunate we feel to have you as our family 's vet! Thank you for taking such great care of Scarlett (and us)! "​​​​​​​

Dave Purdy

3/25/19 Google (5 stars) "Five stars all they way.Love Dr.Dyer and all the staff.They are professional, kind and caring.They take the time to explain everything and make sure any questions I have get answered.I never feel rushed."​​​​​​​

Sharon Zankievich

2/19/21 Website (4.5 stars) "Very friendly and kind, appeared interested in my dog. Doctor was very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable. "​​​​​​​

Joyce Romano

1/31/19 (Facebook) "Wonderful experience with our first appointment.Entire staff was welcoming and answered every single question I had.Dr.Dyer and staff lived up to their outstanding reputation.Chloe is a lucky girl.Thanks for taking great care of us."​​​​​​​

Nancy Noonan

1/23/19 Google (5 stars) "Friendly staff and great vets!"​​​​​​​

Robert Krawetz

1/20/19 (Facebook) "Thoroughly explained what was happening with my dog and the treatment given.The staff treated us as if we were the only clients there!"​​​​​​​

Barbara West

1/11/19 (Website) " ...... your employees are outstanding "​​​​​​​

Brian Cantwell

1/17/19 (Google) "I have been bringing my 2 cats here for several years.I have found EVERYONE to be knowledgeable and helpful.They provide great information to help with decision making and can also help you balance between cost and quality of life.I appreciate it that their love and concern for all pets is very obvious.I wouldn 't think of going anyplace else. "​​​​​​​

Paula Hutchinson

1/17/19 Google (5 stars) "Helpful, patient and understanding when dealing with our dog Tessa 's fear and health issues. Not overpriced, always understanding. Best vet I've had in 5 years(4 vets, 2 states)."​​​​​​​

Jamie C

1/10/19 (Google) "We have brought our dog here for over a year now. Super friendly and helpful staff at BRAC. They do great with my dog, help answer questions, and after 6-8 interactions and trips I wanted to share my feedback because I love how they are so eager to help! Thank you BRAC team!"​​​​​​​

Dale Kline

12/4/18 (Website) " Very pleased with the knowledgeable, friendly staff. Hours allow for flexibility that fits my schedule. I’m always happy when doctors are honest in their recommendations that tests or procedures can wait and I’m confident still they are doing what’s best for my pets while not trying to push me to spend what may not be necessary at the time. This builds my trust in them. They are all great with my pets and me. They’re very caring. "​​​​​​​

Denise Brown

11/23/18 (Google) "Compassionate, friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Dyer is tops!"​​​​​​​

Ken Moulton

11/8/18 (Google) "We moved to Sutton with our 13 year old Westie just one year ago. She was already sick, with what we knew to be a terminal illness. The kindness and compassion shown by all of the staff at the clinic was incredible. A couple of weeks ago, we had to take her for her final visit and once again, the staff went above and beyond for her and us. I highly recommend Boston Road Animal Clinic if you want more than a factory."​​​​​​​

Mary Sciannameo

10/31/18 (Google) "Our 2 cats and our dog are all seniors and we wouldn 't bring them anywhere else for their routine care. Dr. Dyer and Dr. Davis and staff are knowledgeable, kind and caring. Our 2 kitties, ages 12 and 11 were both there the other night. We saw Dr. Davis and Stephen was the tech. They treated Phoebe and Big Papi like they were their own pets! "​​​​​​​

Kathleen Ozella

10/31/18 (Facebook) "I rescued my sweet pup last year and she has gone through bouts of vomiting on and off since. The previous vet we took her to was unable to diagnose her, but Boston Road Animal Clinic was extremely patient - making sure they got all of her medical history and came up with a plan of action to help our sweet girl. It's been almost a week and the treatment has worked like a charm, with a combination of switching her eating schedule and giving her antacids to reduce stomach upset.It feels so good to finally have our girl back to her spunky self. So thankful we found such a welcoming and caring vet in the area! I would highly recommend Boston Road Animal Clinic to anyone looking for a vet that treats your family member like one of their own."​​​​​​​

Samantha Pevear

10/2/18 (Google) "I love Boston Road Animal Clinic! They care for our 2 dogs and 1 cat and we've had nothing but great experiences. They really care about our animal 's welfare - not just 'fixing the ailment ' but how they're feeling and making sure our pets are comfortable. Love the follow up phone call we always get just checking in. We don 't have a ' go - to ' vet at this clinic and we've seen most they have - love them all! Vet tech 's are great too. We've been using BRAC for about a year now and we did a LOT of research after we moved to the area for a new vet.BRAC has gone above and beyond and we couldn 't be happier!"​​​​​​​

Michelle Labonte

9/26/18 (Google) "I recently moved to Sutton and I can't say enough about Boston Road Animal Clinic. They are caring, compassionate professionals and it shows in the way they not only treat their patients but also in the way they treat the owners. The follow-up phone calls truly show that they love and care about the pets that they see!"​​​​​​​

Nancy Sarkisian

9/22/18 (Google) "Good people know their stuff. Pleasant with a vet - nervous dog.Not upsellers. The prices are very reasonable. Gracefully tolerant putting up with an irritable, probably irritating, highly suboptimal owner. What's not to like."​​​​​​​

Oded Haber

9/11/18 (Facebook) "Very caring efficient staff a pleasure to work with."​​​​​​​

Daniel Girard

9/6/18 "I woke up Friday morning to a dog that would put no weight on her right rear leg and was told by another Dr. to wait and see if she got better overnight, and I woke Saturday to a dog that could put no weight at all on either of her back legs. I didn’t really know what to do but I knew she was in pain. I called your clinic at 8: 30 a.m. on the holiday weekend and they said they could see her at 9: 00 a.m. I cannot tell you how relieved I was and how impressed with your staff I was when I arrived. They had a blanket all laid out for her to lay on, they took us right in and gave her one of the best exams she has received. Jane was diagnosed with Lyme and was given medication that began to work after just the first dose. My wife and I were so relieved. But your staff was absolutely outstanding I thought you should know and I will be singing the praises for your clinic to everyone I know. "​​​​​​​

Mark Dombroski

8/27/18 (Google) "They are very kind and gentle with my dog. Everyone who works there is very friendly and you can tell they love animals. Also, they have reasonable prices (for a vet) and they are very easy to schedule appointments with. Two paws up!"​​​​​​​

Rachelyn P.

8/20/18 (Google) "Very clean office, everyone is so friendly and they are priced very similarly to other vets in the area. Our dog gets so excited when we pull in, he loves the staff."​​​​​​​

Victor Raposo

8/19/18 (Google) "I would highly recommend Boston Road Animal Clinic. They are incredibly helpful and understanding. I agree with the other poster that they are awesome with military families. They completely understand life happens and will work with you to make sure your pet is taken care of. I can't thank them enough for their care and patience. Especially since my dog is really anxious about visiting the vet."​​​​​​​

Krystal Couto

8/13/18 Google (4 stars)​​​​​​​

Denise Stanard

8/10/18 (Facebook) "We took our cat here and got the best care. She had not been to a vet in 13 years. She is an indoor cat and afraid of everyone and everything. We got a room as soon as we walked in, and the Tech and Doctor were the best. Patient and loving. We will be going here from now on. Thanks for your support and understanding."​​​​​​​

Donna Majowicz

8/10/18 (Facebook) "This is the only veterinary facility in the world. The only place I take any of my loved animals. They are the kindest, most understanding, and gentle people to work with. We love everyone there and so do my kitties and dogs."​​​​​​​

Joyce Sardagnola

7/8/18 (Facebook) "The staff are wonderful and Dr.Dyer is very kind!!"​​​​​​​

Angela Pimsri

7/5/18 (Yelp) "I was not(yet) a patient but Dr.Dyer saw my cat recently for an emergency visit when my usual vet office had no vet on staff that day(how is that even possible ). He had swallowed something and was just not right. She was wonderful and helped him quickly. Everyone was very kind and caring knowing I was upset and that my cat was in pain. He is as good as new now. They called to follow up multiple times which I really appreciated too. I would highly recommend coming here."​​​​​​​

Susan L

6/26/18 (Google) "The staff were incredibly nice and thorough with my service dog. More importantly, they were military-friendly. They exceeded my expectations and I look forward to continuing to utilize their services."​​​​​​​

Phillip G

6/18/18 (Google) "5 Star Review!"​​​​​​​

Deborah Hill

6/15/18 (Google) "5 Star Review!"​​​​​​​

Jamie C

6/4/18 (Google) "The staff were great, the appointment on time, and Dr. Davis was outstanding, so personable and caring. Great visit!"​​​​​​​

John P Johnson

4/25/18 (Google) "5 Star Review!"​​​​​​​

Rubye Breland

4/4/18 (Website) "Dr Dyer is wonderful with my cat Jack who is none too nice."​​​​​​​

Lois Woods

4/4/18 (Google) "Always great service and very accommodating. Would highly recommend it!"​​​​​​​

Michelle Tuloch

3/31/18 (Google) "Excellent, compassionate vet care "​​​​​​​

Jen Terakedis

3/21/18 (Email) "I was more than pleased with my visit this past Monday night. Thank you for the time to answer my questions and make me feel at home. I appreciated the professionalism of you and your staff. I feel confident that Sadie will receive the best of care."​​​​​​​

Annice Smith

3/8/18 (Google) "Helped my dog even though I wasn 't a client. I am now though for sure. "​​​​​​​

Robert Lesley

3/7/18 (Google) "Staff is caring, compassionate and attentive. Have brought all my dogs here for ages. "​​​​​​​

John Lopriore

1/23/18 (Website) "Dr Dyer has taken care of my Abies Irish Rose and Annie Oakley since they were 8 weeks old. She accompanied us to the breeder to take a look at them before the girls become part of the family.. She has followed them ever since. She is the most caring person I know. If you choose Dr Dyer and her accomplished staff you would have made one of the best decisions in your life and especially in your four footed friends life. TEN ********** Stars for Boston Road. "​​​​​​​

Kevin Mercer

1/22/18 (Website) "Treatment for Val was wonderful, Staff is very caring and compassionate about what they do. Options are all addressed and there is no forcing of what you should do. Thank you so much! "​​​​​​​

Cindy Bunnewith

1/19/18 (Website) " I have been taking my dog Chloe to Boston Road Animal Clinic for quite a few years and I have never left there feeling disappointed. They have always been very thorough and helpful in the treatment of my fur baby. Dr Dyer is the best as is all of the staff. "​​​​​​​

Donna Sheehan

12/30/17 (Website) "When I called concerned my cat had a UTI they got me in the same day for an appt. The doctor didn’t think that was the case, so she took the time to explain all the possibilities and explain what I should do if she did have one just in case. All my questions were answered! The friendliest staff from the second you walk in the door, every second was amazing! I’ve brought all my animals here in the past and I will continue to do so! Thanks so much!! "​​​​​​​

Lindsey Daoust

12/23/17 (Website) "All staff is great. "​​​​​​​

Patricia Tricomi

12/11/17 (Website) "Wonderful, caring and accommodating. I have found my new vet clinic!!! "​​​​​​​

Jennifer Mewhiney

12/5/17 (Website) " Have been using Boston Road for 7 years. They have always been friendly, professional, caring and will make room in their schedule for a sick animal. Wouldn’t consider going anywhere else. Thank you Dr Dyer for putting together a great team! "​​​​​​​

Cutter Wyman

11/29/17 (Google) "This place will take amazing care of your pet. Would highly recommend "​​​​​​​

Spyro 260

11/23/17 (Google) "Wonderful care "​​​​​​​

Jill S

11/22/17 (Website) "Very efficient and friendly staff! "​​​​​​​

Nancy Ridick

11/16/17 (Website) "You are the best! You take such good care of your parents, and the staff is always friendly and helpful. Thank you for all you do! "​​​​​​​

Heather Day

11/11/17 (Website) "The entire staff is wonderful! "​​​​​​​

Su Nugent

11/1/17 (Google) "Great place! "​​​​​​​

Sheri McConville

10/25/17 (Website) "Very considerate to my needs and my dogs needs. Also appreciated listening to my concerns and giving feedback to my questions. Very helpful and seemed to care. Also, everyone tried to be friendly. Thank You! "​​​​​​​

Shawn Gray

10/22/17 (Facebook) "Dr. Dyer and her staff are great!!! I highly recommend!!! "​​​​​​​

Jeffrey Spear

10/20/17 (Website) "Boston Road Animal Clinic is the best. Competence and Caring, a winning combination for expert pet health. "​​​​​​​

Kathleen Torrey

10/16/17 (Website) "I love the atmosphere at your clinic. Everyone is so nice and caring of the animals AND the humans. Thanks for always being there in such a competent way for my pet medical needs. "​​​​​​​

Alison Snyder

10/15/17 (Facebook & Website) "Boston Road Animal Clinic staff are some of the most loyal, dedicated and caring people I have come across when it comes to animal care. They have always treated my dogs as if they are their own and gone the extra step to make them comfortable, safe and happy. They are always thorough and honest about what our options are and what they would do if it were their pet. Our 14 year old Min Pin is a frequent visitor (being diabetic, blind and having had numerous other complications). Over the years he has had to spend the day there quite often for testing (on a weekly basis at some points). They have always told me they make sure he is in the back crate with plenty of blankets, because they know he loves to sleep and isn’t fond of the commotion in his old age. There has been more than once where he has even been up at reception hanging out when we come to get him. We’ve been told staff will even take him out with them on lunch break to give him a break from the other dogs. They truly do know him as if he is their own and do anything to keep him happy while visiting. We have recently added a puppy to our family and they treat her no different. Between the offers for bringing them in for “happy visits” to consoling us when we are upset because our little old man is sick again, they have never let us down. I wouldn’t take my dogs anywhere else. "​​​​​​​

Alissa Renaud

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